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Amazing Amazon Associates Program           

Affiliate Marketing with Amazon Associates Program

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize a website or blog. Understanding the ins and outs, of how to craft the promotional tactic can help you to be more successful and generate more sales. There are several ways to promote products without doing a hard sell. Reviews, tutorials and testimonials all work fairly well. Their Amazing Amazon Associates Program is always adding new products and is up to date with seasonal offers. Any of these you can benefit from. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines, Easter, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day and many other special days all mean more sales to them and they gladly share their marketing ability with you. Take for example a site that reviews hosting companies. You can provide affiliate links to more than a dozen different hosting companies all on one site. A simple comparison chart of what features each one has provides information at a glance. This kind of information is very useful information, and can provide a lot of selling opportunities. Because users are always seeking product information, it is a good way to provide a service and make money at the same time. Tutorials are another great way to sell a product without being pushy or over selling. Creating an instructional video on YouTube, in PDF form, or even an e-book, is another good way to help the user know what the product has to offer and how it can help them. This will drive more sales and drive your commission up in the process. Because of Amazons well known image, the conversion rate with Amazon products should be much higher than with other affiliate programs.  Most people prefer to spend their money in a familiar place, and not as much with an unknown vendor or another unknown business. This makes the Amazon Associates program one of the best options available. Affiliate marketing is a great way to monetize a website, along with using reviews, tutorials and testimonials as one of the formats to introduce products to potential customer. This is a great way to provide a service and make some money in the process. A win - win for everybody. Comment GO HERE



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“Today Is Yesterdays Planning or Lack Thereof In Motion”

Some time ago I was having a daily struggle with my life in general. One problem was coming from a decision made years early regarding an investment. This investment was lost. I knew this pass decision meant my monthly income from this investment was now lost as well. There is one thing I dislike the most and that is losing. There are no recalls from a bad decision. So I took full responsibility for the decision and put that behind me. I continued to build other avenues for investments. Through this incident I realized I must take responsibility for every outcome I was hoping for. It was at this point I wrote the following thoughts about this subject.
This loss taught me that my perspective has a profound effect on my daily outcomes. What will this day bring? What will I bring to this day? The grass may have to grow one day more or maybe not? As the before mentioned questions indicate we make choices as to what will be brought to our days activity. We can bring sadness, happiness, energy, understanding, enthusiasm, bitterness, complaining, and positive or negative thoughts. It is up to each individual. It's all about choices. It's about having a mind set. We do not have yesterday because it is now history. Today we can reflect on history to learn from it. We do not have tomorrow because that is the future. Today we can make plans that hopefully will make the future come together better. We DO HAVE TODAY, which in some part, is made up of our history and planning. Today will have its own unquiet challenges and set of circumstances beyond our control. How we handle these circumstances is in part due to our decision making now and before. Today is yesterdays planning or lack thereof in motion. Sometimes the day may start to shape up because of what others may or may not have planned. That’s OK! Life happens. Here we the individual have to empower ourselves to rise above the circumstances. Pledge to yourself to be positive. Be a builder. Build someone else up. Build a positive atmosphere in your circle of influence. Good things will happen and everybody will be happier. Take the following pledge. It will help.

I will empower myself to rise above the circumstances. I pledge to myself to be positive. I’m a builder. I will build someone else up. I will build a positive atmosphere in my circle of influence. My actions will have a profound effect on outcomes. My pledge this DAY, RIGHT NOW is to become a BUILDER. I will enjoy this day.





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I found this when doing a search...

An author is not listed for this piece, never the less this gives a good perspective about the power of self will and having a positive outlook…


If you think you are beaten, you are
If you think you dare not, you don't; 
If you want to win but think you can't; 
It's almost a cinch you won't. 
If you think you'll lose, you're lost; 
For out of the world we find 
Success begins with a fellow's will; 
It's all in a state of mind. 
Life's battles don't always go 
To the stronger and faster man, 
But sooner or later the man who wins                                     Comment GO HERE
Is the man who thinks he can.

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Just a quick note…
Because you are HERE on this website you can take advantage of having a lot of valuable information ALL in one spot. This website is a collection of A to Z formulas that have had success. Just by reading this article to this point and reflecting on your own business situation you are getting closer to figuring out what next steps you may want to take to be successful in implementing your Internet business plan.

Here are 4 easy steps you can go through to get your momentum in forward progress. GO GO GO GO...

Become aware of what offers are available. COMPLETE each step along with the suggested (Action Step)…

1). (START) Discover affiliate marketing.  GO HERE

(Action Step) Sign up and become a Click Bank affiliate. From (Step 2) the niche categories determine at least one niche product to promote from Click Bank. Look for products with a high Gravity; 15 or more, and with fast loading video above the fold. GO HERE

2). TWO PARTS... Get traffic to your URLs. (Action Step) Sign up with Commission Robotics.  GO HERE 

Build your mailing list (Action Step) GO HERE Sign up (LEAD LIGHTNING). Sign up with BOTH.

3). Study the article about niche categories. (Action Step) Pick at least three that you would like to promote.

GO HERE   (Post 02112016   “Niche Topics To Get Started”)

4). (Continue) GO HERE to explore by clicking on the images on (Grab Your Complimentary Copy) page. (Action Step) Download a least one free eBook.

(Repeat) Step 2). TEN times using 10 different URL’s. It’s that easy

A to Z Proven Biz Formulas provides one-on-one experience with a wide verity business models.  We also offer little known secrets about how to boost traffic to your business.



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Good System Advertising…
Is As Simple As Applying This kind of reasoning...

Effective System Showcasing Is As Simple As Applying The Following Counsel... 

It takes a considerable measure of exploration and diligent work to attempt good System Advertising - (Network Marketing). This article talks about numerous system promoting tips to help you spread your message. Something to pay special attention to, is a quality of the (R O I) bundle with your partners. This data will let you know whether the effort will truly be justified regardless of your outlook of how successful you think the campaign is going to be? On the off chance that the pay back isn't satisfactory, search for different arrangements or choices. When you're occupied with system promoting, it's basic that you can picture accomplishment as you characterize it. This may sound general, however when you are doing system promoting-(Network Marketing), looking forward is essential to offering your system some assistance with growing bigger. A positive mental viewpoint is an awesome instrument when managing system showcasing. Pioneer your own trail with system showcasing. Exercise your inventiveness and think of approaches to market that nobody else is utilizing. In the event that you figure out how to draw a considerable measure of guests to your system showcasing site, your rivals will think about how you are getting along it. Rather than replicating a fruitful business in your field, cut out your own spot in the business. A decent client database is significant to the achievement of any system showcasing effort. It doesn't make a difference on the off chance that you get this rundown from criticism on your site or in the event that you buy it, having a protracted show you can utilize will help you in expanding your business. Specialists prescribe a crisis investment funds asset equivalent to nine times your month to month costs. You can secure that much cash through your system showcasing endeavors. Do a month to month spending plan and stay with it. This will offer you to decide reasonable month to month going through some assistance with limiting for your business. Try not to pursue benefits toward the starting. You have to organize stable month to month income before you even consider that. Whatever achievement you see being accomplished around you, look to duplicate it. Discover the pioneers inside of the business and watch them intently. Discover what works and utilize it to build up your own system promoting methodology. It's alright to emulate these pioneers as you advance toward the accomplishment of your system advertising objectives. Pretty much as you would inspect the errors you have made, you ought to additionally think about what others have done effectively. Regard system advertising as your business. With regards to your systems administration benefit potential, you get what you give. Keep up constancy and an abnormal state of exertion in the event that you craving to make strong benefits in system advertising. Make a guarantee to yourself to buckle down every day, and you will end up being an effective system advertiser. At the point when partaking in system advertising, you ought to plan to reflect the qualities of the free merchants who have amazing initiative attributes. You can change the way you think to be more like the way these individuals think and act, this can prompt better achievement rates later on for you. In system promoting, as in whatever other business, clients ought to dependably start things out. Consumer loyalty is specifically connected to the accomplishment of your business. Invest 80% of your energy listening to your clients and just 20% conversing with them. Put aside normal times for your promoting group to get together and examine essential issues. Your group needs to cooperate; meeting in individual settings will permit everybody to cooperate to draft a part of the final blueprint and work towards the shared objectives. When you meet together, it enhances the whole group contribute onto the overall plans. As was expressed before all else of this article, organizing advertising is a matter of training best practices and usage of demonstrated successful routines. System advertising (marketing) is a good approach to grow a current business. Find and employ as many A to Z Formulas as necessary.  As much as possible when your organization is able to pull these  A to Z Formulas together you will move your business forward more than you suspected you would ever discover it to be!

Chesterfield House LLC Jan 2016     Comment GO HERE

Topics of Interest...

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Subject: What About Other Media Strategies?

Since 2014, people spend more time browsing the Internet on their Smartphone’s than on their desktops. Businesses cannot ignore mobile as a valuable channel to reach their customers anymore.
Marketing teams are focusing on reallocating a bigger budget to mobile. But to be truly effective, mobile marketing requires the involvement of technology, and the cost may outweigh the benefit.
When starting a business, every dollar counts. How much should entrepreneurs actually invest in mobile? When making the decision, here are three options to consider.
1. Don't invest in mobile.
Take this risk at your own peril. Make no mistake - no business ignoring mobile today will still be alive in five years.
Why do I say that? Look at your customers, employees and friends. They all carry at least one mobile product at all times - their Smartphone. If a business ignores mobile today, a competitor will soon enough come up with a mobile offering. Since everyone is on mobile, that competitor will quickly grab market share.
Remember what happened to Kodak, Yahoo and Nokia? They refused to adapt to mobile and the tide quickly turned on them. Denial is someone else’s opportunity. It happens faster than you think.
2. Make a minimal investment in mobile.
What’s the minimal investment you need to make in mobile? The minimal investment you can make in mobile includes three things.
• Make your website responsive, i.e. mobile-friendly. The cost is minimal, but the benefit is significant because Google recently started favoring mobile-friendly websites in its search algorithm. In other words, not having a mobile-friendly website penalizes you on both mobile and desktop.
• Make your emails easy-to-read on mobile. According to Experian, two out of three emails are opened on mobile. Businesses that want customers to read their emails need to optimize them for mobile users.
• Optimize your mobile ads. On mobile, everything is measurable. For example, you are able to know things like, which ad resonates the most with men between the ages of 35 and 44 in New York. That’s pretty valuable if this group represents your target customers, right?
3. Invest more into mobile by creating an app.
My recommended starter investment is to add an active presence in the top 10 apps.
Nine out of 10 people use Smartphone apps instead of mobile websites so a website has significantly less reach than an app.
But by itself, that information can be misleading.
Many businesses jump to the conclusion that they need to cram their website into an app. This is a mistake. Remember the dot-com era, when companies hurried to build websites that mirrored their paper catalogs.
If you’re old enough, you’ll remember the barebones sitemaps that looked like tables of contents. Clicking links would open static web pages with lengthy product descriptions and no pictures.
Website visitors couldn’t read reviews, or go from one product to another to see what others had purchased or compare prices - let alone buy online. So few of them came back, and it became a self-fulfilling prophecy that websites were new line items on already fat IT budgets.
If companies build apps that look like cluttered websites, they’ll be left wondering: Do the benefits really outweigh the costs?
Having an app strategy works in specific situations, but it’s not for everyone. Consider this: every nine out of 10 minutes people spend on mobile is spent in the top 10 apps. And 50 percent of apps are never downloaded, not even once.
My recommendation is to maintain an active presence in the top 10 apps - social networks, like Face book or LinkedIn, messaging platforms, like WeChat and WhatsApp, and marketplaces like Amazon and Thumbtack.
So when does it make sense to have an app strategy?
An app strategy often requires an app for iPhone, Android, Tablets, Smart Watches, etc. Each platform requires a new product and a new team so it can get complex and expensive fast.
There’s likely a business case for making an app if any of the following is true.
• Your products or services are high touch. This means your customers buy from you often and what they buy requires a lot of support. Customers who use your mobile app are significantly more loyal than those who use a website. Having an app may mean more personalized promotions, increased sales and more.
• Mobile meaningfully enhances your current offering. In the past, people who needed a cab had to spell out the pickup address. At the end of the ride, they paid cash. Today, passengers’ location are seamlessly detected, and their payment information is often stored. It’s as if they no longer pay. This is when apps provide competitive advantages.
• You can offer new offerings that could not exist without mobile. For example, an event management company could let attendees easily communicate in an app during a conference. In that case, a mobile app may mean new revenue streams.
Mobile offers businesses many opportunities to reinvent themselves, but they need to carefully assess the cost versus the benefit.
P.S. Information that can jumpstart your online business, don’t miss out on this valuable knowledge. Mega Web Search:
AdsPayPro - Instant Realtime Revenue Sharing!

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Email, IM and SMS etiquette, signing off...

How do you sign off your messages? Do you have a go to sign off? Weigh in using our contact page. We welcome your comments. GO HERE

An email or text message can be a letter, an instant message (IM) or a Short Message Service (SMS).  With as many as 6 billion users. They are here to stay. That means there is a whole lot of communicating taking place. Discussions centered around best practices in this medium is both interesting and timely.

The following is a  list of common sign-offs...
Two of my favorites and my go to sign-off…
OTHERS are as follows...
--Best –My Best – My best to you – All Best – All the best – Best Wishes –Bests – Best Regards – Regards – Rgds – Warm Regards –Warmest Regards – Warmly –Take care – (In the right instances, especially for personal emails, these work). --Thanks - Thanks so much –Thanks!!! –Thank you “Thanks-Thank you! –Many thanks – Thanks for your consideration –Thx – I Hope this helps –Looking forward –Rushing –Be well –Peace –Yours Truly –Yours –Very Truly Yours – Sincerely –Sincerely Yours –Cheers!!!
--Your name -- or – Your first name only.  (Probably not a good idea for an initial email) I had an email this week ended with the persons’ first name only. This person can do that because they are somewhat of a celibately. Most of us can’t do that. Another thing about this email that was different was the disclaimer at the bottom, it was longer than the whole rest of the email? What‘s up with that? I suspect legal?
Another favorite of mine to receive is the – Smiley face anyone of them, I like -- ( ;-) – Receiving emails with these symbols are uplifting. [:-) – Most variations on the smiley face made with punctuation marks are fine with me.
Some email platforms will actually insert the real smiley face when you start to type the symbols. 

What do you use? 

Weigh in using the contact page on this site . We welcome your comments.



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Do you remember this?

The birth of the Internet brought lots of change.

It changed many aspects of our personal lives and
as well as re-shaped the way business is done in
many ways.

When I zip back in time and reflect on the dawn
of those changes back in early 2000 - 2001 I can
recall what is today some rather humorous
predictions of the time.

It wasn't so funny then, when some self-proclaimed
"experts" predicted the "end of shopping malls
forever". Yep, they were predicting that being
able to shop online would be the death blow to
conventional brick and mortar businesses and
shopping malls would stand empty forever.

Well, we all know it never happened and likely
never will happen. But at the time it was a 
frightening thought for many business people.

Sure, the Internet did bring online shopping and 
things did change, but your local mall is not
going anywhere...

Which brings me to a more recent prediction of a 
similar "doomsday" event that was sure to happen.

Not so long ago it was predicted by many that the
"smartphone" would mark the end of email - that
email is a dinosaur and no one will ever use it again.

The fact is, as the Smartphone industry took shape,
just the opposite has transpired.

Can you guess what the number one thing people use
their Smartphone for these days? They use it to
check their email! That's right, second only to
texting, Smartphones highest use is to check email.

Email is alive and well and I'll be showing you
how to use it effectively in your online quest.

Just like you can never replace a good old
fashioned stroll through the mall, you can't
replace the convenience and functional value
of email, both as a user and as a marketer.

Your Partner In Success,


P.S. Now "snail mail", that may be another story.

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Secrets you will not find altogether in one place… ONLY HERE

​​For several years I have been in pursuit of general information on how to start, understand and run an internet business. My purpose has always been very simple. I wanted to provide a useful source of business information in the form of affiliate marketing, as the way to monetize a website, along with using reviews, tutorials and testimonials as one of the formats to introduce products to customers. This is a great way to provide a service and make some money in the process. A win - win for everybody. If only to develop a small but steady extra income stream, a hundred dollars a day would be incredible. When considering the size and scope of the internet market, this is very doable.

However after going in this direction, that direction, and buying different courses of study; I have to tell you it has only proven for the most part to seem like it is out of reach.  For me this has been in part due to me not being able to fully grasp all of the knowledge that‘s come my way. Also sometimes not being able to find or recognize a valuable secret that might be hidden not all in one place.

My failures at any given time to be able to understand and implement much of what I have uncovered is all part of the learning curve. 
Here are a few things I have discovered.  Whenever I have read an e-book, attended a webinar, purchased some software and taken time to study internet marking, more pieces of the puzzle have fit and have become clearer to me.  And, as I look back along the pathway I have been on I can truly say I have enjoyed every minute of the pursuit.  

1).Affiliate Marketing
Need a product to sell? Become involved with affiliate marketing.  Amazon, Click Bank, Click Sure, JVzoo and Click Better are all good places to sign up to become an affiliate. All of these have easy to follow tutorials so you will have all the free knowledge you need to be successful. GO HERE

2). Email Marketing
If you want to have a partner that will help you build an email list and help you with becoming an email marketing company, then sign up with Kevin Greene / Sonic email list builder…find him GO HERE

3). Domain and Website
If you need Web Hosting and a Website, Sign up with Go Daddy they have the best customer service live 24/7. GO HERE

4). Generate massive traffic to your site
Sign up with Lead Impact. You need a $1000.00 advertising budget to get started. This really works and it will drive massive traffic to your site. Cost about .03 cents per keyword. Your budget is only spent when a keyword brings someone to your site. GO HERE

5). Free article spinner
As you have a need to develop more content, and you what the content that you create to stretch further, GO HERE it works well to turn one article of content into several different copies that can be used in more than one place pretty much saying the same thing but not all being an exact duplicate of the original.

So here you have 5 powerful secrets that I have come across in my journey. Found these secrets in different places in my quest of an internet business being built as a useful source of business information, along with using affiliate marketing, as a way to monetize a website, bringing in the use of reviews, tutorials and testimonials to act as low key sales tools along the main pathway of introducing a product to a customer.

Hope you have found this information helpful. As always feel free to comment. COMMENT GO HERE


We like discussions and information concerning best practices with internet marketing, online marketing, email marketing, video marketing, mobile marketing and all things about marketing in general...

If you’re brand new to making money online, affiliate marketing is a great place to
start for a variety of reasons:
ONE Reason: It’s easy to get started...
As an affiliate, you don’t have to create the products you’re promoting. You just
promote the URL of something that already exists. This is a lot easier than building and selling your own physical or digital product:
• You don’t have to spend time and money on building the product.
• You don’t have to buy an inventory to sell, or store it anywhere.
• You don’t need to figure out how to fill orders.
• You don’t have to handle customer support.
You basically get many of the benefits of having your own product, without having to
set everything up. And the best thing is... you may even end up earning MORE than the
product owner for each sale! Commissions of 70% are quite common... (GO HERE to get started).



 Post 02112016                                    “Niche Topics To Get Started”

Look for affiliate products that address these needs and build one website that deals with one topic … cross reference the website URL in blog articles that explain, define, address and give solutions for these challenges that individuals may be facing?

Here's a secret list of some of the HOTTEST niches with desperate buyers (should give you some good ideas and get you started fast):

  • Gamblers in debt
  • People whose home is about to be foreclosed
  • People about to go out of business
  • Students who need money to enroll
  • People who want to get rich quick
  • Parents with children needing legal help
  • Insurance agents, doctors, therapists, who have failed or fear failing their exams
  • Women who cannot get pregnant
  • Women scared of husbands having affairs
  • Men who can’t get women at all
  • People with illnesses who can’t get better and are running out of time
  • People who have work drug tests coming up
  • Headache relief
  • Back pain relief
  • Toothache relief
  • Job hunting / career change / resume
  • How to sell your house
  • Debt consolidation
  • Stress management / relief
  • Panic and anxiety attacks
  • Online traders
  • Impotence
  • Divorce Consultation
  • Obesity
  • Criminal Charges
  • Civil Charges
  • Man breasts
  • Before marriage information
  • Sick pets
  • Anybody who needs a good lawyer
  • Get your ex back or Save your Relationship
  • How to cope/what to do if laid off
  • Insomnia/how to get a good night’s sleep
  • Sales people who hate doing cold calls
  • Brain Fog
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Exercise
  • Best exercise equipment
  • Women that need to get slim quick before a holiday
  • Coping with a child safely, effectively, quickly and affordable
  • Last minute gifts
  • Life transitions such as breakup, marriage, childbirth, teenage years, moving, death in the family, new job, new location, new church, new family addition and or similar…events like divorce court, free divorce papers, marriage, divorce lawyers, domestic abuse, divorce laws, legal help, relationship trouble, no fault divorce, etc.

Free online article spinner…

You can work with these niche topics to develop small income streams in many underserved market areas.
SEARCH for affiliate products that address these needs, find effective ways to reach your target audience and you should expect success.
Hope this LIST is helpful.


Ken Mega Web Search:

Post 02132016

Here Are Some of The Best Internet Marketing and Blogging Forums…

I’d like to share these with you today, just in case you don’t already know about these communities of like-minded people who all want to improve their online presence, and at the same time share their knowledge, and tips. As you check these out, you can do your own analysis of each so you’ll know for yourself what is available…








What About Other Media Strategies?


Instagram has seen incredible growth since it was acquired by Facebook in 2012 – in fact it’s grown by 400%! And even though, it’s a relatively new form of social media, I barely remember a time when I didn’t have an account.
Why Instagram?
First, Instagram is easy to use, which is a big plus. Also, it’s not (yet) as ad-driven as Facebook, making it a friendlier option for those who prefer to spend marketing funds elsewhere. Since Instagram is visual, capturing someone’s attention on Instagram is much easier than on Facebook. Plus, the meaty part of this, is that it drives 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook, and 120 times more than Twitter. That’s significant to anyone who likes numbers!
Creative Instagram Strategies
By its very nature, Instagram leaves lots of room for creativity. But, if you’re planning to use the network as a marketing channel, it’s best to put some strategy in place before leaping into the fray. Beyond the obvious items like having a solid bio with your URL, a great profile photo, and connecting your account to Facebook, I’ve pulled together several ideas worth considering.
1. Choose a theme for your posts – That is, develop a plan for what kinds of things you’ll post. By implementing this type of strategy, you’ll have a more targeted account rather than one that’s all over the place. Stick with your theme, which may be based around your core message, or related to a topic that you’re promoting. It also might have a color. Whatever you choose, let your followers (and potential followers) know right up front what they can expect.
2. Your Instagram Bio – While it’s obvious that you have to have one, it’s a good idea to steer clear of your standard out-of-the-box bio. Choose messaging that sets yourself up as an expert and drives attention to whatever you’re promoting, and that ultimately can help drive traffic back to your site.
3. Your Website - Make sure your site is optimized for mobile browsing since the large majority of Instagram users are on mobile devices. And, your URL should be in your bio, but it should also appear on every post, both as a watermark and either in the description or comments!
4. Simple, Meaningful Images – The average person gets distracted in 8 seconds, so it’s important to grab your audience quickly with clear, meaningful images that don’t require a lot of thought. They should be interesting, inviting, and completely simple. Since most users are mobile, there are some screen limitations, so text-heavy images are not ideal.
5. Posting Frequency – The more you post, the faster you’ll grow. Some of the biggest accounts post 4 to 10 times every day. That may be out of reach for you, but, at minimum aim for once a day.
6. Hashtags - While hashtags are recommended on Twitter, they’re practically a hard requirement of Instagram. And the more the better. 11 hashtags per post seems to be the magic number, although you can have as many as 30! And not all of them have to be included in the photo description, but work well in the comments section too!
7. @Mentions - Tagging another Instagram user who is authentically connected to your post is the perfect way to use this feature. (Simply use @+ their username to tag them in your post.) Don’t use this to tag random people or Instagram will flag and/or deactivate your account, but if the person is truly connected, it’s a great feature!
8. Location Sharing – Just like @mentions, turning on your location is a great way to boost engagement!
9. Great photos! – Having great photos is so integral to Instagram that it’s almost an afterthought to mention. Your own photos may work for some components, but if you’re sticking with a theme, consider using stock images, whether from a paid subscription-based site or royalty-free Creative Commons Zero licensed images – like those from
10. Customized images – After you’ve found images that work for you, you’ll want to customize them with something to make the image your own. Perhaps a product title, a quote from someone famous, a simple product review, or even a teaser/promo for an announcement. Regardless of how you customize it, be sure to include your logo and/or URL so that, should your image find its way out of Instagram and into the wilds of the Internet, your fans can find you easily.
So ultimately, Instagram is a great place to be for anyone looking to market anything! It’s a spectacular tool for reaching new audiences and new demographics. Plus, there is room for so much creative thinking, that it’s almost certainly worth your while to give Instagram a shot. With a little strategy and some great photos, you’ll see what it can do to boost your marketing efforts.
P.S. Use this information to stay ahead of the learning curve…